Hi there! I’m flattered that you want to learn more about me, so here you go:

I’m the writer of Enlightman where I cover various topics related to manliness, personal growth, minimalism, and everything in between. This blog is where I share the honest things that matter in life and  serves me as a tool to save the lessons I learned as well as share them with you.

With the utmost humility. There is no such thing as an “expert” in manliness, and I make no absolute claims for the authoritative nature of what you’ll find here. Manhood is a big, surprisingly deep subject and my views will likely be refined as I gain further knowledge and understanding over the years to come.

What you find here represents my earnest and best faith effort to distill what I have learned through years of studying and reading about manhood and other good things in this world as well as from my own personal faith, philosophy, and experience. I really believe the core principles and steps here can help and guide a man in making the best possible life.

As personal, I fell in love with simplicity, I am a moderate minimalist, adventurer, digital entrepreneur and avid reader. I’m also a nonconformist, which means I’d rather go my own route instead of mindlessly following the crowd.

I encourage you to go and seek your Manliness Life. Whatever road this takes you down or however this looks in your life — Live intentionally. Live authentically as a man.

I’m so glad you’re here, and sincerely welcome you with open arms. Stay Manly.