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When million fireworks are launched to the skyward on the new years eve. I have just finished the last chapter biography about, The Manliest of The Roman Emperor, Marcus Aerilus. On his legacy book, he stated that “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be, be one ”

That an absolutely words changing in my life. In the last few years, I’ve been thinking and searching about what it means to be a man (everyone can be a good guy, but only selected people can be a man). Particularly being a man with virtuous character. The words “be one a good man should be” keep pop up in my head until now.

I questioning about how to become a “be one”? I never get an answer on his book and so far there are no one who write step by step detail achieving truly flourishing life. I have tons reading book about self-improvement literature pumped out today. But, nowadays book primarily on positive thinking and superficial tips on becoming rich, muscular, and suave. There are no modern literature that concentrated on developing a character and virtue. Still there are no answer to entry the Guild of Greatness (that why I started this blog)

As far as I know, the manliness path for every man is different. But, one thing in common, a journey to become a man are tough, brutal, and hellishly hard. It will be a long life soul searching (on a deep level thinking, indeed).

On the journey, I haven’t always been a good. I’ve done some shitty things in my life. But, from those fucked things, I can learn that I am fully grateful for every experiences and struggles on the hard times because they have forged and changed my character for the better.

I try to see a dip of life not as terrible personal failings to be denied or justified, but as inevitable aspects of life that help me grow, and grow up. I understand that hard times is the growing pains of wisdom.

But, many of us today have begun to think that if something is hard, it is automatically wrong and must be changed immediately. We tend to find an easier way than just grinding it out, we look for a shortcut or maybe a magic solution to surpass something without too much effort.

Absolutely nothing replaces dedicating hard work. No shortcuts, no 5 steps to success, no secrets. But, what makes the hard way so important for men is not just the end result, but the character built along the way. Its cliche, but the journey often matters much more than the destination, right?

There are no more explanation about how “a good man should be”. A man should take the hardest part, and the hardest part will lead us to be greatest one. We must be willing to drudge through the drudgery. Take a small victory and go to the next victory. Even on the hardest times, we need to keep fighting on to what we really believe.

As you know, the hardest part of man is fighting with our inner-self. As a man, we need to stay calm, cool, and collected when things in their life – big and small — go awry. We can’t just lose temper or fall to pieces when faced with stress or difficulties. Instead, we must to maintain perspective on the problem and concentrate on how to solve it. There must be a way which requiring a great deal of mentality endurance to fight a hurdle.

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be, take the hard way instead”

Knowing how we should behave and using our courage to fight difficult challenges which will shape our character into one of discipline and perseverance. In doing hard things on a daily basis we’re constantly be solid. How we live our lives each hour, each day determines the type of men we will be in ten years. Shiftless now, shiftless later, great now, great later.

So instead of always looking for ways to avoid difficulties time, find more ways to intentionally and positively incorporate it into your life by stepping off the part of the hard way to be a manliness soul. Finally, no more time arguing about what a good man should be, take the hardest part and let each day make us a better man!.

I write about Manliness and Minimalism. A lifelong intellectual rebel with determination to reverse the slide into moral decrepitude of modern society.

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